Chapeltown Cougars is a junior Rugby sports club based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The teams are composed of U7s and U11s age groups, they are a mixture of boys and girls. The club started operating in 2011, and they are based in a diverse community. They play in the West Yorkshire Rugby Junior League. They approached Evergreen Partnership Association through West Yorkshire Sports to help them purchase waterproof tops to train in and wear during matches. They wanted everyone to have these tops for a sense of belonging and so that every child could feel more wanted.

At Evergreen Partnership Association we were more than willing to help a dynamic group like Chapeltown Cougars in purchasing the waterproof tops. We were more than privileged to meet these young people and the training was breath taking. We witnessed raw talent, and I believe that some of these kids will contribute more to the sport and their communities in years to come. The kids were more vibrant and we witnessed a spirit of togetherness when they were wearing their new waterproof tops. Unfortunately they were three new kids who joined them after the purchase of the waterproof tops, they felt out of place and we promised to do something for them! We spoke to Clare Walton (Club treasurer) and the coaching stuff, they expressed more concern in lack of financial support to maintain the club. They also mentioned that it was more challenging to drive the kids to the matches. They definitely need a lot of support, we were humbled by their time and effort they put in coaching these kids. They are so passionate about working with young people, we were more than inspired!