Khonzanani N Mlambo (Kaizer)

Chairman (CEO)


Khonzanani Nqobizitha Mlambo began planning his mission to help improve lives in Africa when he was a teenager living with his family in Zimbabwe. He kept his dream alive, and decided to study MSci Pharmaceutical Science at Huddersfield University in 2005. He graduated in July 2009, completing his degree, including a one year work experience with GlaxoSmithKline in Dartford, Kent.

His first job after graduating was in November 2009 as a Formulation assistant at a Company called Reckitt Benckiser in Hull. He initially worked in a Research & Development Department, which formulates a sublingual drug called Buprenorphine. In September 2010, he progressed to the Strepsils Department as a formulation assistant up to 2012.
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Gabriel Kwayie

Secretary and Executive Assistant

Gabriel A Kwayie is a multi talented young man whose passion lies with Videography, Photography, Graphics Designing, Fashion Designing and Clothing Manufacturing. He has been of aim to encourage fashion, culture; sustainability and anyone with a dream make their mark in our merging world. He was delighted when he was approached to help move Evergreen from just a dream to a reality.

As the youth leader of the Oldham SDA Church, he is a firm believer that we the youth are the future, hence every change made today prepares a place for a better tomorrow. Gabriel thinks just feeding a person isn’t enough but teaching one how to make use of their gifted hands and God given talent is the best policy, as then will they be able to feed themselves. At the end of the day we all have a duty of serving and encouraging each other. You can view some of his work on


Simon North

Business Manager

simon_evergreenHaving run a number of businesses, Simon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that Evergreen has the funds to complete it’s projects. Simon has a firm belief that helping small projects around the UK can help to make communities better, whether it’s a choir, a sports club or an after school youth club, these projects are the life blood of communities and it’s Simon’s aim to make sure they don’t get forgotten. He uses his spare time to bring Evergreen projects to fruition as well as helping to secure funding.



Milimo Choongo

Marketing and Financial Director

Milimo believes that we all have a duty of serving and encouraging each other and without someone’s help, we wouldn’t have achieved   most of the success we have today. He was delighted when the core team approached him to help in making a difference to people’s life through support.  He is currently working for Barchester as he pursues his career path of being a qualified Accountant and brings in the skills to make Evergreen Partnership Association more efficient. Alongside Evaristo, he is also actively engaged in the strategic financial planning to ensure that the organisation meets its set objectives.


Edwin Baker


Edwin Baker has been an advisor for Evergreen since it’s inception.