We are proudly sponsoring the Yorkshire Lions under 11′s and under 12′s football club. Our first part of this project was to equip both teams with brand new football kits but this project has only just begun.

About the Team

The Yorkshire Lions is a football club/academy based in Warren Side, Deighton, Huddersfield. There are two teams (under 11’s and under 12’s) who play regularly in the junior football league. The players are extremely passionate about the game and many  want to progress to become professional football players in the future.

What we are Doing

To start with we bought both teams brand new kits to help make them look the part in their matches and to help the players feel like a team. We would like to continue to help the teams by providing them with better training equipment and bringing in role models to help keep the children on the right track.

What the Players Think

After Yorkshire Lions won a game 5-2, we talked to a few of the players, they talked about how they’d like to grow up to be professional footballers and keep out of trouble, get a good education and listen to their coaches.


Stationary for Ghana Schools

We are currently arranging a project to send stationary to a number of schools in Ghana. This project is expected to be completed by summer 2015.

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