Posted on May 7, 2013

We would like to thank the Community Development Foundation for their tremendous support in making Project Yorkshire Lions FC a success by offering EvergreenPA a grant to purchase the football equipment that the team needed to continue to thrive. The young people were inspired by their support.

We are also delighted to report that one of the team members is now in the Huddersfield Town Academy.

With 45 years knowledge and expertise, CDF transformed from a non departmental body into a social enterprise. They have reached 30,000 grassroots organisations, built strong relationships with over 100 national civil society groups and worked with many government departments.

We are proud of their invaluable work and experience in helping community focused organisations. At Evergreen we have a strong belief in the duty to contribute to the community welfare. We are looking forward to teaming up/building strong networks with many more life changing organisations like CDF.

Our thank you’s also go out to Andi Briggs and the Ashbrow Awards panel team for connecting us with CDF.

For more information about CDF, please visit

For more information on the Yorkshire Lions project, click here.


Talk from CEO of Evergreen PA to the Yorkshire Lions

Presentation of the new football equipment