Posted on September 17, 2011

Today, a few members of the Evergreen PA team went down to the Yorkshire Lions training ground to provide the players with their brand new kits.

The Yorkshire Lions are two football clubs (under 11’s and under 12’s) based in Huddersfield. Both teams play in the junior league but neither have full football kits. As sponsors of the Yorkshire Lions, our first task was to change that. Both teams were provided with brand new football kits the day before they played a game in their league. This is just the start of this project, there is a lot of equipment the Yorkshire Lions need and we hope to continue to find funds to help them with this.

Kaizer took the opportunity to talk to a few of the players, they talked about how they’d like to grow up to be professional footballers and keep out of trouble, get a good education and listen to their coaches. In a world where the youth get a bad name associated with them, we at Evergreen PA feel it is important to remember that the youth aren’t all bad, these children really prove our point.

For full details on our work with the Yorkshire Lions, check out their project page.